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Except for concept development, W3 business strategy and production – our platform Haidrun enables streamlined business processes with important key features such as interoperation with other existing enterprise systems and external blockchains, smart contract creation and flexible scaling.


How does Haidrun work?

Haidrun can be deployed locally, on-premise or in a cloud setting and are equipped with the latest generation container-based architecture and runtime software. The five-layered architecture delivers speed and efficiency at scale.

The platform combines eco-friendly consensus mechanisms with the flexibility of variable size blocks to create a fast and efficient, state of the art blockchain that is scalable and easy to use.

The Haidrun consensus algorithm is a voting-based system and part of the Larad protocol. In large networks it uses an AI-based decision mechanism for new transactions, giving a vast improvement in transactional speed over first-generation protocols.

We are passionate about helping companies transform the way their industries work by providing unique B2B blockchain solutions for enterprises Jonas Lundqvist, CEO Haidrun
Smart contract illustration

Smart contract technology

Our smart contract technology includes a vulnerability exposure and debugging module.
When smart contracts are being implemented, the module provides real-time scanning and debugging of the contract file so that before being made available to the community, the owners can see any kind of security breach.

Furthermore the smart contract Virtual Machine is the first to include an interoperability mechanism, where any smart contract written on the platform will be supported on other blockchains. The code itself is replicated across the nodes and therefore, benefits from the security, permanence and immutability that characterise a blockchain solution.