W3BiX — Web3 Agency in Stockholm

Curious to learn more about Web3 and NFTs.

At W3BiX we help businesses define, strategize and develop Web3 compatible business solutions in a closed B2B environment.

Our offer

B2B platform Haidrun

For the techies we offer access to a competent development platform. For more information contact us here.

Strategy and development

Our team of professionals help you with strategy and development for pilots and large scale alfa projects.

Concept development

We support with concept development and business solutions interacting with the web 3.0 economy.


Why us?

Knowledge and tools for your success in the W3 landscape

If you are seeking knowledge about decentralised web applications and Blockchain technology, W3BiX can empower you and your team with knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the W3 Landscape.

Team W3BiX have long experience of business and concept development in digital environments. Combined with our B2B Blockchain platform we make blockchain technology easy to use and simple to integrate for enterprises that want to create scalable solutions.

Our audience is enterprise and mid size companies, interested in exploring the growing B2B blockchain and Web3 space. Jimmy Lindberg, CEO


Competence and core team in Stockholm, Sweden.

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, by an experienced team of digital experts as an offspring to the Haidrun B2B blockchain platform.

Our goal and passion is to help our clients finding their way to interact with the next generation web 3 economy, helping them to explore their ideas and take advantage of the emerging possibilities a head of the competition.

Our partners

We’ve partnered up with some of the top runners in this field.